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JCB diamond blade Oman



  • Suitable for cutting general purpose building materials, stock paving bricks, roofing tiles, lintels and hard sandstones
  • Diamond blade for high performance cutting
  • Universal fitting blade with specified bore
JCB-PTA-DB105-GP JCB 105mm General Purpose Blade 20/16mm Bore
JCB-PTA-DB115-GP JCB 115mm Metal Cutting Disc 115x3.0x22.23mm
JCB-PTA-DB230-GP JCB 230mm General Purpose Blade 22.23mm Bore
JCB-PTA-DB180-GP JCB 180mm General Purpose Blade 22.23mm Bore
JCB-PTA-DB115-HC JCB 115mm Hard Concrete Blade 22.23mm Bore
JCB-PTA-DB115-ST JCB 115mm Stone/Tile Continuous Rim 22.23 Bore
JCB-PTA-DB115-GR JCB 115mm Granite Cutting Disc 22.23 Bore
JCB-PTA-DB105-CP JCB 100mm Diamond Grinding Wheel 22.23 Bore